Selection Criteria


Selection criteria is an often misunderstood and overlooked part of the job seeking process.

Having the right answers to the right criteria makes a job application smoother and increases your chances of progressing through to the next stage.


When looking for a job, there is much more goes into it than having just a good resume and cover letter. This is unfortunately only you as a person on paper, and to get that position you require, you need to be able to fit all of the company’s requirements.

This is where their selection criteria come into play, and you as a job seeker need to satisfy a hiring company that you meet enough of their criteria to offer you the position.

We use a combination of STAR and PAR methods and combine to get your Selection Criteria the best results

PAR method – Problem / Action / Result

Using the STAR method – Situation / Task / Action / Result

The ending result Selection criteria preparation from $25 per statement.




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